Aqua Pro Plumbing and Heating is a company specializing in residential service in Calgary. 

From Furnace Installs to your everyday plumbing needs. Rick is a highly trained master plumber who has been plumbing in Calgary for over 15 years.

So here you are, visiting another website, trying to find a skilled trade person to sort out your problem. What makes this guy different than the rest you ask yourself? Everyone says they have the best most reliable service. They claim they have the best warranties you can find. They claim their plumbers are the best. Sure at Aqua Pro plumbing we do have reliable service. We do give out great warranties. We do have great experience. Are we the best? That’s for you to be the judge. Ask Rick and Aqua Pro plumbing will give you a price on your job with as many solutions as we can before any work is done. We use smaller trucks and have less office staff so you don’t have the high costs. Aqua Pro Plumbing and Heating can fix any of your mechanical problems. Maybe you have a blocked drain or leaking water tank. Maybe your furnace is broken and you need a new water softener. Let Aqua Pro plumbing be your entire house maintenance program. If you ask Rick for help and you don’t receive the service you expect. Just don’t pay.

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about rick


I started my Plumbing and Heating career at a young age. My father is a plumber and would have me come and help him on jobs during the summer time. We would do all sorts of jobs from renovations to service and even worked on some houses being built. It was a great learning experience for me. I got to spend time with my dad and learn the responsibilities of being a hard worker. As I got older my responsibilities became greater and I took on more work.

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