Lift your tank every year and asses the condition of the inner workings. All things work in conjunction with each other. Look for things like black mold and calcium build ups.

Bio Clean can be used monthly to avoid buildup of deposits from causing blocks in your toilets.

Flappers should be inspected annually and be replaced every 5 years. Most people don’t even know their flappers are leaking until they get a very big water bill. A good way to test your flapper is by dropping food dye into your tank. If the colour in your bowl changes then you need to have an Aqua Pro Plumbing professional come out and inspect it.

Flush valves can get covered in calcium and cause a toilet to overspill into the bowl. Replacing the inner workings of your toilet every 5 years can save you a fortune on your water bill and also avoid you having to replace a toilet.

*Aqua Pro Plumbing tip installing a water softener in your home can dramatically increase the life of all your Toilets. Call an Aqua Pro Plumbing Professional for more information on our water Softener installations.