I started my Plumbing and Heating career at a young age. My father is a plumber and would have me come and help him on jobs during the summer time. We would do all sorts of jobs from renovations to service and even worked on some houses being built. It was a great learning experience for me. I got to spend time with my dad and learn the responsibilities of being a hard worker. As I got older my responsibilities became greater and I took on more work.

Once i was done going to high school i decided i was going to start my apprenticeship. I began working in the renovation industry. It gave me an opportunity to really learn the inner workings of homes. It gave me a chance to really understand how everything worked together. During this time I really grew an appreciation for what people go through as their houses were worked on. Also it gave me more of an appreciation for how they would like their homes to be treated. My dad was always respectable in people’s homes and I never really understood it until i got older. My dad never swore and was always polite. He built his business on referrals and word of mouth and never advertised. It began to make more sense to me how he was so successful. These are traits I have taken with me into adulthood.

After working in renovations for a couple years I decided I wanted to get myself really deep into understanding how a home works. I began working for a very large home building company. I started off with finishing homes. Installing sinks, faucets, toilet and water heaters. I became really good at it. All the while i was noticing how home builders were not giving the same quality to people as i was used to with my dad. I always felt that your home is your largest investment. And it troubled me that the same care and dedication was not given to these future home owners.

After my time there i moved to a small service company which did both residential and commercial service. This is probably where I learned the greatest technical aspect of my job. I worked on furnaces and boilers. I worked in huge apartments and restaurants. It was a great learning experience. But once again I was not satisfied with the direction. My boss was a foul man, swearing all the time. He liked to drink before work. All the things a person could do to make you not want to follow in their footsteps. At this time in my life I was always wondering if there was a way to change the perception of today’s plumbers. Many people were giving us a bad name and as long as I worked there i was one of those people. So i moved on.

I started my first company and went back to the new home industry. This time I was doing the entire house rough in and finish. also I did a lot of their service. I decided i was going to try and make a difference. I did this for six years and the industry caught up with me. I wasn’t providing the service I needed and I was no match for the big wigs involved with new homes. I felt I had more to learn and decided it was time I went back to work in service and find a good company to work for that I could really make a difference.

In 2004 I began working for a really good company. They knew what was right for people. Their service was the best I had ever seen. Their attention to detail was great and you could always go to work with a smile. When I was done working for a client I really felt I had done great for them. And this shows from the relationships I built with everyone even outside of work. I found if I could just learn one thing from every person I met, I could provide them and myself with something very outstanding. Unfortunately as the company grew they forgot about what was really important. That’s you the client.

And that leads me to where I am today. I am a father of two great boys ages 7 and 4. I am married to a great woman now for 10 years. She would have to be great to live my career with me. In my free time I am volunteering for our local hockey association where I coach a very successful group of kids, which I am very proud of. I also dedicate time to Hockey Calgary and other hockey programs around the city teaching kids how to skate and more importantly some valuable life skills.

I believe I am a regular guy trying to make a difference. If you took time to read all this, I thank you! And I do look forward to working for you!